Rain Rain Rain

Bad tornadoes last night. 116 people dead in Joplin. Very sad indeed.  Barely missed folks around here.  Kinda puts sports in perspective.  Just had bad hail here at the house. Once I figure this all out, I will learn to post the pictures I took.  And also some videos that were posted in various avenues around the net of the tornadoes. I have soo much to learn to make this site what I want it to be.  But for now I will just try to write.. get used to that aspect and everything else will come together I am sure.

Big game for the Thunder tonight. I need to get where I can get quotes and things.. and I promise I WILL get to that point. Well shoot, why not right now.. Mavs coach Rick Carlisle said “The team that wins gets their ass kicked the next game,” before the Mavs’ shootaround Monday morning. “Really, that’s what’s happened.”  And that has how it has been in this series. In game 3 the Thunder were getting their ass kicked by 23 before staging a come back that came up short 93-87. Now we have game 4, also in OKC. Can that trend be reversed? Or are the Thunder due, as per the schedule?  We will see. Honestly, as much as I hate it, I think the Mavs experience will start to win out from here on. But the Thunder are Uber talented, so we will see. Or you guys will, with this rain, my satelitte may go out, I may be relugated to watching the highlights.  Rain, Rain, Rain.


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