Rain Rain Rain part 2

Another day, another horrific day of storms here.  A huge line of tornadic activity roared through my state tonight.  Where I am we  just missed major damage but to the west a lot of people were thrown around, literally. A lot of people losing their homes. Some people close to me were greatly affected.  This has been one of the worst storm years I can remember. The death toll in Joplin is now at 122.  Early reports in some parts of the Oklahoma City area claim there are  several deaths there as well from tonights events. I haven’t even begun to think about sports tonight. I had several things on my mind earlier.. I can’t even remember what they were. I still have yet to even check in on the Eastern Conference Finals game tonight.  My family is safe, that is all I can think of at this moment. Tomorrow I will refocus and I am sure the world will continue on. Until then, tonight it’s once again, rain, rain, rain.


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