Big 12 Baseball Tournament

The Big 12 tournament starts tonight.    While only 34-21,  OSU is back in the tournament after a 2 year absence.  Coach Frank Anderson has been on the hot seat, so is just making the tournament enough to save his job?  That is not a very stellar record when compared to OU who is 40-15 and have considered themselves struggling at times this year.   A program with the pedigree of the Pokes should be expected to make the conference tournament.   Even using it has a tune up, a stepping stone to the regionals and possibly the College World Series. Not just skating by at the end.  Especially not losing the last two league series to the likes of Baylor and Texas Tech and subsequently falling  out of the national rankings. I know there will still be some big ex OSU ball players who will want a regime change. So we will see.

Now to OU. 40-15  and to hear Coach Golloway sell it we REALLY underachieved.

“Who’s disappointed right now in the tournament? Oklahoma,” said Sooners coach Sunny Golloway. “We’re not going to shy away from our disappointment. We’re disappointed. We’re 40-15 and we’ve had a disappointing year. And there’s something to be said for that.

“Hopefully, we’ll find our home right here. It’d be a nice picture of the Sooners dog-piling, coach saying, ‘Don’t hurt yourselves.’”

Would be nice to win the tournament, but it is not a must win situation. We will already get into a regional, probably even host. So this is a good tune up. But I would like to stick it to the shorthorns and those facists from Aggieland who are the Co-Champions in the regular season.

Whatever happens Oklahoma City, the host of the tournament, welcomes back both of the home teams.  Now let’s step on the yard and get it on!


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