Austin Box

I got this from another site, one that I will pimp many times. But this is a sad day. Austin Box’s funeral was today.  Here is a story


Sooners Remember One of Their Own

OU’s Kenny Mossman on how a group of Sooners in Haiti reacted to Austin Box’s tragic death.

Bracelet made by OU student-athletes in remembrance of Austin Box during their mission trip in Haiti.

NORMAN, Okla. — Even in one of the most remote locations in Haiti, cell phones brought the news of Austin Box’s passing to the OU contingent that was serving on that Caribbean island last week.

In one moment, brushes and rollers were splashing paint on school buildings, the next we were gathering the 18 Sooner student-athletes, nine from women’s basketball and nine from football, on a gravel road a few yards away to share the heart-breaking news.

There is no good place to receive , but receiving it so far away gave it a surreal quality. It sucked all of the air out of the day.

Some of the athletes cried, others stared blankly at the ground. Naturally, because it took a member from their locker room, the football players took it the hardest, but the women’s basketball players were deeply saddened too. They seemed torn between their own grief and trying to lend comfort to the guys. It was just heartbreaking.


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