the Ohio State mess

I guess I should address this story.  I really don’t have a lot to say, but damn, Tressel screwed the pooch on this one.   All he had to do was include the compliance department, his bosses, AD and President. But chose a different strategy.  There was no 0ther solution than him stepping down.   Now let the Stoops to Columbus talk begin!


Here are a couple of stories from the 4 letter  empire.

Pat Forde

Gene Wojciechowski

The news is still coming out of Columbus and it doesn’t look good.   QB Terrelle Pryor is under an avalanche of scrutiny right now, one of which is an investigation about possible illegal car purchases.  What does he do today?  Lay low? Maybe walk to scheduled player meetings.. naw.. he drives up in a new car with dealer tags on it.  TODAY! Way to have some stealth about you! The kid, and the people surrounding these kids deserve to go down. The is about the most blantant disregard for the rules since the SMU days in the 80’s.  But the Ohio State is MUCH bigger than SMU was.  I am not saying it WILL turn out like that.. but just from the outside.. smells an awful like it. Will be interesting to see in the coming months what else floats to the surface.   I am sure it won’t be good..






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