Is It Live? Or Memorex? Or Do We Even Care?

This story I wanted to post (and I am not going to post all of‘s stories) but this was close to my heart. Due to my jobs–will never say career and notice jobs is plural–I have been relegated to depending on my DVR to watch my favorite teams from time to time. Sometimes more than pleases me. Mostly football, I don’t recall ever recording a Yankees or Thunder game.  Although I did watch this year’s Daytona 500 off of my DVR and I am not really that big of a NASCAR fan. What does this say about me? Not sure, maybe this is why I am about to be divorced. Twice. But continuing on, many a late night have I spent watching OU or watching my ‘Boys play a meaningful, and sometimes not so meaningful pigskin classic. To achieve this takes a wee bit of skill, you have to completely shun all forms of media, TV’s, the internet, cell phones. ESPECIALLY CELLPHONES! If you are like me, you have cruel and spiteful buddies who just revel in ruining the surprise!  Shoot, I even had to cover my ears walking across a parking lot once because two grown me, who have a say in their lives were talking about the score of the game my DVR was diligently recording for me, and patiently saving it for my viewing pleasure later that evening.   You are free on a Saturday afternoon! Why are you talking about it, why aren’t you home WATCHING? They were probably married, and unlike me, trying to stay that way! So this begs the question? Is it better live? Does it diminish the importance? The answer is I am not sure. I found my self cussing and cheering my players just as much even knowing damn well the outcome had finished hours before hand.  I do know that  I am more inclined to finish it if it is live. But that could just be my utter laziness.  Watching the recording that is. There is something to be said for the fast forward button.  I hope most of you reading this didn’t already hit the fast forward button and clicked immediately on the link for the article by Chuck Klosterman.  He is the REAL WRITER.  But I bet some of you did.


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