The New Thieves I tell you!

There is a new bully in town. I have already been one upped.  My first visions of this web site was one where , first I could express myself, but also be a place where people could come and find articles and info that interests them.  Of course with me that involves sports, but I also wanted to include lots of pop culture. You know movies, television, music, drunken celebrities, that sorta thing. Maybe even a smidgen of politics, not too much, I leave that to my beloved father, who by the way has an open invitation to blog and post whatever he wants on here. You hear that pop? Just let me know and you can have your own little political corner! We can call it J.C. on D.C. or something like that.

But back to the point. someone has already beaten me to it. And in grand(or Grant) fashion I might add. One of my favorite columnists started his own website which launched yesterday. And it is fabulous, at least to this geek. It includes everything I envisioned here, but with more original content. I can’t do that. I am just one person(I won’t even go so far as to call myself a writer). So as self deprecating  and depressing as it may seem, I am going to pimp this insightful, thought provoking, just darn right entertaining new web site.  And I tip my hat to you Mr. Bill Simmons. Great job!  Thief!

Sigh.  Go here.


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