Parenting And The State Of College Athletics

When do we stop being parents? When they are off to college? If that is the case why do we have all of these tangled messes we are seeing in college football these days? These are still young men, children in some cases, who still need guidance. And not from coaches and administrators, although they are needed as well, but from actual parents, mother’s and father’s. When Terrell Pryor was showing up with expensive tattoos, new cars, lots of bling, bling where were his parents? Why weren’t they there asking him where he got the cash? I know I damn well would if my kid showed up to do  his laundry or for Thanksgiving dinner with a sleeve tattoo and diamond stud ear rings. I would wonder how he financed that.  I have no ink, but I know they ain’t cheap or free.  Oh wait, if you play for Ohio State apparently they are. I am not the only one, here is an ESPN article from yesterday on the Pryor situation.  Then you take the Cam Newton case. Shoot his pops was not only not asking where the cash came from he was facilitating the exchange! Allegedly.  So is this just the state of college athletics, college football in particular as this ESPN article suggests? Or just the state of our me, me, me society. You be the judge.


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