McIlroy At Least Half Better Than Tiger

Wow.  I only thought I was impressed with young Rory McIlroy.  Yesterday I compared him to Tiger.  Seems absurd.  NOBODY is Tiger, right? That’s like comparing anyone, and I mean anyone, to Michael. Not Kobe, not Lebron, certainly not Lebron, no matter what Scottie Pippen says. Not DWade either.  No one. But Tiger, he is incomparable too. Right? I thought so. Really I did. Then this morning comparisons to Tiger’s greatest tournament win(and there have been many) starting popping up from all the TV pundits.  His 2000 Pebble Beach win in this same tournament. This U.S. Open is not complete, so we can only compare the first 36 holes.  Tiger in that fabulous 2 days -8.  But he finished the tournament a whopping 15 strokes a head of anyone else. Young McIlroy? -11. Should have been -13 if not for the double bogey on 18.  That’s almost 50% better, wouldn’t you say? They both have a 6 stroke lead at this point. So they are even there. But -11, greater than -8, no matter how you slice it. Now I know the kid melted down from the pressure of leading going into Sundays final round at the Masters. And I am worried about his psyche after  the double bogey to finish yesterdays last hole. He has to forget about those things and be the carefree kid with the bushy hair and infectious smile, not to mention the perfect swing and just play golf.  If he can finish these last 36 holes just as impressively as he played the first 36 it will go down as one of the great performances in a Major ever. Maybe even better than Tiger.


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