McIlroy part 2

Okay, so I got bashed a little for my comparison of young Rory McIlroy to Tiger Woods after 36 holes.  But what some people didn’t get is that I wasn’t comparing him to Tiger as a whole. Just one tournament.  After the whole thing is over, I have come to the conclusion that Tiger’s 2000 Pebble Beach win is superior to Rory’s 2011 Congressional win.  Why? One reason, there were a slew (I don’t know the exact number but it seems like everyone in the field) of players that were under par.  In 2000, there was just one, Tiger.  And he was -15.  Now, some might argue that -17 greater than -15.   But there were several golfers at -8.  And -6  and so on.  But as one ESPN columnist reports today here, he is exactly what this sport needs right now. A good shot in the arm.  Some spectacular young talent.  Will he surpass Tiger? Hard to say. But as a fan. I am rooting for him.


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