Cowboys Report

Are we really reporting anything here at The Lockerrom right now? Not when it comes to the NFL, or the Cowboys. It’s all just filler.  I mean I could talk about the Lockout.  But I refuse. If you want to get into that there are plenty of arenas. But I will throw some links up at the end. Just cause I think it will be over soon.  Like in the next couple of weeks. Good thing too, cause training camps are set to open in less than 6 weeks.

Romo a break out fantasy star?

DeMarcus Ware pissed he is not number 1!

There hasn’t been much positive in regards to Dez Bryant this off-season.  Unless you count the countless run ins with the Paul Blarts of the world, but there is this about his injured ankle.

Roster Report from on Ratliff’s role next year.  One thing I know, his production needs to get back to 2009 levels.

T.O? Really, why are we talking about T.O? Why am I talking about T.O?  Cause he is funny I guess.  Wonder what he was really doing when he tore his ACL, and when did it really happen?

Lists, lists, and more lists! I love lists.  The Top Ten receiving targets of the Aikman era. 

And I said I would give ya some lockout news, so here is a couple of tidbits from today.  Goodell and NFLPA head meet with rookies., is this a good sign?

Here’s John Clayton’s mailbag from a couple of days ago, he always talks the labor issues.




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