Austin Box, More Than Just Aquaintance To Most

This is just a tremendous article.  And I am going to link to my good friend Frou’s website for the article.
And unless you have a complete heart of stone, it should at least make you well
up. I can not imagine losing my son. I promise I would not be able to function.
So I grieve with a heavy heart for the Box family. This week it had to be like
losing him all over again. All the media coverage. And I hope and pray it
doesn’t open a free for all with OU bashers coming after this kid. He obviously
made a mistake. I must apologize as well for maybe my insensitive comment in today’s early post. I don’t know the real truth, whether he was addicted
recreationally or was just over self medicating, which I am fully aware of. I
really just don’t know. But it is just such a tragic incident. And the people
suffering are his parents and other family and friends. The rest of us are just


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