Sooners Report

See I need to pay more attention to recruiting.  Or get a better memory. Apparently we are losing a kid named Dan Tapko  for undisclosed personal reasons.  I saw many  posts on the message boards today full of all kinds of speculation.  So we are all up in arms about a kid who has never taken a snap and truthfully I am not sure I have even heard of. But I know I apparently saw his name on more than one commitment list.  I did look at them all, but I don’t book any of that stuff.  I just as quickly forget we signed the kid as quickly as I read his name on any of the lists I go through. But apparently some people thought he was the second coming of about 3 positions, if not more on the field in the very near future.  From being as great a TE  as Trent Smith to the next  Dan Cody.  Oh wait, that was from an article by Guerin Emig of the Tulsa World which you can read here.  But I know the message boards were a buzz about this kid as well.

 I couldnt even find a picture of him  in an OU uniform. We need to calm down about kids like this.  We replace them every year.


Here is an old story, but I have yet to address it.  I want to personally congratulate a very derserving Chris Plank of 1430 the Buzz who was just announced as the new sideline reporter for OU Football.  This is a tremendous hire. I have great respect for Plank. And I know he will do a great job.  You should check out their site, Chris puts out some great blog posts, occasionally anyway(wish he would write more), but there is always the babe of the day and other great content.  So congrats Plank, don’t forget the little people!

And do we believe the hype that comes with a preseason number one ranking? I hope not.  I hope we can go out there and be hungry, and think we are being disrepected.  Shoot Fox Sports just came out with a preseason ranking with Florida State ranked number one and OU number 5.  Number 5?   We will prove that wrong in the second week of the season when we go to Florida and smash the Seminoles.

And this right off the presses! I was gonna quote my Twitter account, but it seems it has reached the local papers as well.  The kiss of death has just happened.  Skip Bayless had this  tweet from his Twitter account @RealSkipBayless “The University of Oklahoma will win the NCAA football championship and Landry Jones will win the Heisman. Book it.”  Here is the article.    


As always thanks for reading.




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