Sooners Report

Gonna start trying to put this out almost daily.  I know a lot of these links have already been posted on other sites, but I want a simple  compulation of Sooner news that folks can turn to.  Eventually I want to put this on a side bar so it’s there all the time.

Mike Baldwin of the Daily Oklahoman asks, Alambama or Oklahoma. Who should be number 1.

Can John Blake be considered a program killer? I know he killed OU, and now is guilty of creating a huge mess at UNC.

A lot of great talent in the Big 12, look at this blog post by our friend David Ubben who does the Big 12 blog for the four letter network.

Guess who is missing from the Remington Award list!

Do you have to be a senior to be considered a veteran? Not in todays college footbal landscape where kids play so early.

Most impactful game in the Big 12? Ubben thinks it’s OU-OSU, I will tend to agree. Sorry shortwhorns.

A quick blog from Blatant Homerism.

A little OU Basketball news.

Coach Sampson didn’t get the head gig, but is still gonna be on the bench.


One response to “Sooners Report

  1. I don’t know what’s up with that John Blake photo. One time I look it’s there, another time it’s gotta a red X, I guess I should just remove it.


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