Sooner Report

Probably gonna be short tonight.  But hopefully will have something up tomorrow as well.

Gonna start with some OU Baseketball news again. Hiring Lon Kruger is generating lost of news. Here is another part of the OkNews series on the Sooners Basketball team.   (Doesn’t Trammel look like he needs a hair cut in the video?)

I don’t follow recruiting like many of you, but want to bring you the news. Is this kid a good fit? He doesn’t have the size of the past greats, Sammy B and Landry, but is supposed to have the dual threat ability.  Has that worked out for us?

photo - Reagan quarterback Trevor Knight takes off on a long touchdown run in the fourth quarter as Roosevelt plays Reagan at Heroes Stadium on Nov. 6, 2010.  Tom Reel/San Antonio Express-News

Please don’t search Google for Trevor Knight images like I did, you WILL NOT like what you come up with. Poor Kid.

I actually think that OU’s decision to only allow kids in for autographs on Sooner day is a great thing. Especially in this heat. Why do the kids and the players need to be exposed unnecessarily.  Now, if I can just round up about 15 12 years olds I will be set.

The Tulsa World’s John Klein’s take on the autograph policy.


There’s other news out there, but I think it’s all reruns.  I will try to continue to keep up with this.  Unless this garbage Laptop fails me again! But it seems good now!


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