Sooners Report

The Walter Camp list finally came out.  Of course Broyles and Jones are on there.

Sooners are so loaded with depth. Most in the Stoops era. That is going to be scary.

Here is more looks at the depth chart with camp about to open up.

Really, we have already used NCAA 12 to have OU winning BCS Title?

More OU Baseketball news.  Lon Kruger is showing to be very popular.

Big 12 recruiting is starting to take shape for 2012.

This is an interesting piece by our friend David Ubben of ESPN on paying athletes.

Not OU, but thought this was an interesting read from  Berry Trammel. Which came first the chicken or the egg? 

Who has the best uni’s in the Big 12? Fox sports creates this list.

I wrote about cheating in college football a couple of weeks ago here, it is still a hot topic.

As always good, bad, either way, leave a  comment.

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