Just Go Away Aggies

So the Aggies from Texas A&M are squawking again.  Talking all big about jumping ship to the SEC. They apparently have a meeting scheduled on Thursday for the regents to discuss the newly sainted Longhorn Network and to look at options at moving again to the SEC.  This is  all informational of course. Did I miss something? I have not heard one SEC representative come out and say they would like to expand and the Aggies are squarely in their sites.

And why would they even think they are a fit? Is it really just to get out from under the shadow of Texas? To me they are running scared!  But, I welcome them to go.  This opens the doors back to a possible Big 12 PAC 12 merger. Now last year before Texas pulled it’s clout and decided that it wanted to keep the remaining 10 teams of the old Big 12 together, I was very much excited for this new conference. I thought and still do that it would have been just a great conference and would dominate the college football landscape. But then it was shut down, and probably rightfully so, but I think the super conferences is where we are headed and Texas A&M wanting to jump ship would make that possible again.  The Aggies better be careful. They may just be cutting off their nose to spite their face in this one.


(As always, agree, disagree, but COMMENT!)




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