Sooners Report 7-20

Didn’t get anything out yesterday so gonna try to cover a bunch tonight.

Trey Metoyer news.  He is not out of the woods yet, but he is still working on it.  But still may miss the start of camp.

Some more recruiting news. I know some of you loath The Bleacher Report, but sometimes they come up with great lists to debate. Here is one on the last big recruits out there.

Tulsa World’s take on the pre-season Big 12 lists.  And Berry Trammels take as well as  Big 12 blogger David Ubben.

And yeah, I choose a picture of Landry Jones over pre-season pick Justin Blackmon! 

And this is golden! I love my Twitter, and our boy @KSTiLLS4 apparently was taking up for our other great AA WR @RyanBroyles and did a little smack talking on Justin Blackmon.  Those tweets have been deleted, but  @GuerinEmig has the story here.  And even better stuff from the Oklahoman.  And even more from Jenni Carlson.

Here is the Pre-Season poll, once again from the Tulsa World.  When was the last time it wasn’t OU or Texas 1-2? Poor Texas.  And from the Oklahoman. And Trammels take again. And then from David Ubbens Big 12 blog on ESPN.

Still talking OU Sports Network.  I honestly wish they would give this up.. for now.

Another blog post from Guerin Emig.  We have so many Running Backs.

And here is the release of the practice schedule.

And once again Ubben with his ranking of Big 12 O-Lines.


Lots of good stuff today! Less than 2 months away!!


(As always, agree, disagree, doesn’t matter, leave a  comment! )

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