Sooners Report 7-22

Gonna make it short kids, but wanted to post some links.

This is a couple of days old, but hadn’t seen it yet. From the Picker.

David Ubben’s ranking of the Big 12 QB’s, guess who is NOT number 1?

Oh, wait, that might have been deceiving!

More from Ubs about aTm and the Big 12 debate going on, and then here’s a video blog about OU.

And here’s a quick little article about Aggievision. (what ever that is, but it has Aggie in the title, so it must suck!)

If it involves them, I am in though!!

And Berry Trammel’s blog with The King about Fox/Big 12 deal.

Here is also some broadcast info on the ESPN OU All-Access show coming up.

Jenni Carlson’s article on  Clendon Thomas going to the College Footbal HOF.

Can’t wait to see this kid play for OU! Legacy Sterling Shepard!

And Blake says overseas not an option.

More OU Basketball. Kruger making an immediate impact.

And Last, brother Taylor working hard to make it to the NBA.

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