To Tell A Tale

The tale of Willie Lyles continues.  He is now being linked to LSU for similar erroneous recruiting  information, just like Oregon, which I talked about here.  LSU used Lyles to obtain a recruiting package for the tidy sum of $6,000.  That’s $5,000 to Cal and $25, 000 to Oregon.

Willie Lyles

That’s a pretty good payday for handing out bogus information.  The package that LSU purchased was, like in Oregon’s case full of outdated recruits.  It had lots of profiles of kids who were already suiting up for some D-1 schools. Who would want that? What’s up with this guy? I need to get into his business, just throw some kids names on a list, grab some youtube footage off the net, of anyone it appears, and I do mean anyone. Heck, I have a video camera, let’s just grab some neighborhood kids, have them throw around a football, film it, package it, and shop it around. Surely there are others as desperate as Chip Kelly and Les Miles? Right? Someone will take it.

LSU Coach Les Miles

Ole Les certainly did. Even saying he demands it.  “What I need to have is film,” Miles said Thursday, according to The Times-Picayune of New Orleans. “Because we make all the decisions ourselves on whether the guy’s good enough to play, nobody else. As long as they give us the video, that’s all we really need.”  And then goes on to say this, ” For me, I require that the country’s covered, and I require that I can watch film and that I can see the guys we’re going to recruit. As long as that’s done, I’m pretty happy about it.”  And then goes on to side step the issue, which might or might not be the right thing.  “Certainly, it stands to reason that if all the athletes were mentioned went to other schools, there wasn’t any secret deal to come to ours,” Miles said, according to the newspaper. “So you’d have to think we paid for the film, nothing else.”  But Les, is that how it started out? Was that your intentions? I tend to hope that schools are really just paying for this information to get footage of kids, as much video as they can get.  But if we continue to have shady characters running around like Willie Lyles it could become a different tale all together.


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