Sooners Report 7-26 Plus Big 12 News

OU’s turn today at Big 12 Media Days.  Landry Jones says nothing but a National Championship will do.

Welp once again. I got one article from the Tulsa World before it is asking me to subscribe for a fee to access their content. I am about to give up on them.  Well, actually I have no choice. And I am attempting to drive traffic to their site but apparently that is of no matter.

Sounds like Bob Stoops is as giddy as I am with our Running Back depth.

A Q and A with Travis Lewis.

And David Ubbens video interview with Travis Lewis.

OU overwhelming favorite to win revamped Big 12.

Bob Stoops praising Landry’s leadership, from Berry Trammels blog.

Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops answers questions during NCAA college football Big 12 Media Days, Tuesday, July 26, 2011, in Dallas. (AP Photo/Matt Strasen)

And now that the NFL is gearing up (finally!) for some real football, here is a list of OU Sooners who are undrafted free agents.

And like it or not, OSU is a big deal now. Can they sustain it? That is still up in the air, but they have two incredibly gifted offensive players.  Here is a piece from yesterday on Brandon Wheeden and one on what Justin Blackmon thinks it would take for a receiver to win the Heisman.

And can the teams from the Big 12 North be excited about joining, and having to play all the Big 12 South teams every year? And more from welcoming the North teams to the South.

And more and more and more about the Longhorn Network. This from Dennis Dodd.   And another from Greg Doyle. 

And I am sorry, the more and more I read about Todd Monken, the new OSU OC, the more and more I think he will just be a puppet.

And a little piece from about FSU and their new QB.

Ha Ha and this cracks me up, Mike Leach tried to get press credentials for today’s events, the same day Texas Tech was to report, and was denied. Ahh the pirate.

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