Sooners Report 7-27

More news from Big 12 Media Days.

Demarco Murray is almost irreplaceable.  How will the Sooners do it?   With lots of great young talent. We don’t replace, we reload.

A bunch of Sooners went on the well talked about mission trip to Haiti this past spring, but it seemed to help Landry Jones the most. 

Here is video interview with All-American WR Ryan Broyles.

Ryan Broyles set to smash lots of records this year. 

Speaking of Broyles and Jones, they are headed to Bristol to hang out at four letter network to tape a bunch of interviews on Friday. We are getting lots of publicity this summer.  I love it! Let’s get boisterous about being the number one team in the country!

The shock of losing Austin Box is going to linger for a long time.  There was talk yesterday about what they were going to do this year to honor him.  Whether just wearing a number 12 decal or even having one player on defense wear his number 12 jersey once a game. I hope it’s just a low key decal.  What do you think?

We are expected to win a National Title this year. But can it replace the aura of the 2000 Title team? 

More video footage.  Bob Stoops talk about high expectations at OU. 

More predictions for the 2011 season for the Sooners.

Ex OC Kevin Wilson just picked up one helluva a recruiting coo, for his new school Indiana.

And day two from Big 12 Media Days is a wrap. 

Had a bunch of stuff I wanted to share, but it’s all from the Tulsa World and they want to charge me now $14.99 a month to access their content.  This stinks. Gonna have to start bugging folks up there about this.

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