A&M Withdraws From The Big 12

“Uh Oh” was just heard coming out of Dan Beebe’s office today.  Was that muttered because he doesn’t have a plan? If he doesn’t the Big 12 is in trouble.  Is the Big 12 planning on expansion or closing up shop? These are questions that have been swirling since last summer.  Here it is 7 days til the 2011 season kicks off and realighnment is rearing it’s ugly head once again.  

Big 12 commissioner Dan Beebe 

So where exactly does this leave the Big 12? Are it’s big name Universities firmly in the cross hairs of the SEC, Pac-12 and Big 10? And how many question marks can I use in one column? There in lies the issue. There are way more questions than possible answers.

Last summer we were minutes away from having four schools from the Big 12, Texas, OU, OSU and Texas Tech joining the Pac-10 with Colorado(who was already moving there) and Utah.  As an OU fan this is the scenario I was rooting for. I thought this would be a perfect fit for my Sooners. I thought we would make a great South division with USC, UCLA, UofA, ASU, Tech, Texas, OSU and OU.  There would already be a semi national level rivalry with USC.  And this scenario would also lead to us playing in the L.A. market every single year playing either USC or UCLA. We had already made huge strides the past decade recruiting California. i.e Roy Williams, the current Cali Trio (Kenny Stills, Tony Jefferson, Brennan Clay). That without a major game to bring potential recruits to on a yearly basis. And not mention playing at Cal in some sort of rotating schedule. How good would recruiting be if we had more exposure? We would be losing nothing. We would still have exposure in Texas.  Shoot, how well did we recruit Texas in the old Big 8 days when we only played UT on a yearly basis. This scenario would only be a win-win for OU.

Now I was a fan of the Big 12.  I am sorta old school. I liked having the old rivalries(if you can call them that) with the Big 8 schools. But we had already lost our yearly rivalry with Nebraska, we made it through that trial.  I say it’s time to move on, and I vote we push for joing the Pac-12.  Maybe that’s why Beebe said “Uh Oh” either way he is out.

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