Til Death Do Us Part

Miami, Miami, Miami.  Wow. And I thought the improprieties that rocked the SMU program were bad.  That debacle pales in comparison. It’s like that was the minor leagues of cheating.  Welcome to the big leagues. Miami should have resided in the SEC with the amount of cheating they are accused of.

All from a 5’5″ white convicted felon.  But this guy was special. He hoodwinked many a people. Supposedly bright, well educated coaches and educators in a 930 million dollar ponzi scheme which landed Nevin Shapiro in federal prison.  This guy apparently was running wild among the movers and shakers of Miami University, the self proclaimed “U”.  Who were these movers and shakers? Well apparently then  head basketball coach Frank Haith and University President Donna Shalala to name two. Pretty heady company. I am not even sure famed Miami thug  errr rapper turned Hurricane booster Luther Campbell got into those circles. 

Devin Shapiro with Frank Haith and Donna Shalala

This guy was openly shelling out cash and benefits at a record pace. benefits that included cash payouts, prostitutes, trips, cars, shoot even bounties for big hits and big plays. Dang, the cat was even on the field and had access to the press box.  How did this go on? Was selling their soul for winning worth it? And man, they didn’t even win. One title in the past decade? None in Basketball, they didn’t sniff the Final Four.  So what happens now?

Nevin Shapiro on playing field

SMU got the death penalty back in the 80’s for the crimes they committed. Shouldn’t this be the same sentence? The crimes fit the punishment. But there are more things to consider. What about the economy? What about the conference? Schedules would have to be altered. Other programs would be affected. Some games with out of conference opponents are set many many years in advance. What about those programs? It’s all about money isn’t it? I honestly think they should be allowed to continue to play. Take away a bunch of scholarships, no TV, no bowl games. But they must play their schedules out. If they go 0-11, so be it. Either way it takes them a decade at least to come back. That to me fits the crime and does not effect anyone else.  To me that’s the fairest route to take.


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