College Football Is Upon Us

Things kicked off last night, if only in mediocre fashion. Several games were on the Thursday night slate, non compelling as most were big blowouts except for the dismal Kentucky-Western Kentucky match-up which was just plain ugly. This is typical of the first weekend in college football.  Most teams start out slow, scheduling patsies to open their season at home.  Safe games, scrimmages really. Now there have been some epic openers, Miami – Florida State comes to mind. They have played a couple of times to begin the season. But most teams choose not to play tough out of conference opponents.  Not this year. One game in particular has most college football fans frothing at the mouth. LSU-Oregon. This is a bowl game the first weekend of September.  This a match up of two top five teams the first weekend of the season. Who could ask for anything more?

OU coach Bob Stoops

Not me! As a huge fan, college football couldn’t get here quick enough.  Having a match-up like that the opening weekend is something to celebrate.  Except for one thing. I won’t get to watch it. Live anyway.  It airs at the same time as my beloved Oklahoma Sooners opener. I will be watching that, cheering like mad, screaming at the TV, calling for Heupels head at some point. (Although I doubt that really happens. ) We open up with in state school Tulsa. No slouch themselves, but not up to challenge of the pre-season number one ranked Sooners.  So I have a decision to make. Do I try to just DVR the LSU-Oregon game and watch it later?  It won’t be as compelling, I will undoubtedly know the score before viewing. It will be posted on the screen of my game continually all night.  So what would be the point? This is one dilemma that I welcome with the return of football season.  Great games all around. Just impossible to catch them all.  ESPN better show some great hi-lights, that’s all I have to say!


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