Soo It’s Hate Week

Better known around here as OU-Texas week.  Always the biggest game of the year.. so far that is. There always should be bigger games. Those at the end of the year come to mind as being traditionally bigger, for both OU and the Longhorns from down south.  So that brings a question to ponder.  Why does this game matter more than say the Big 12 title game, or heaven forbid, the BCS National Championship game?  Because it comes first.  Naturally. Have to win this one to get to the next one. Correct? Not necessarily.


OU has lost this game twice in the past 10 years and still played for the conference title game.  Not so much for the BCS game. Although it technically is not out of the realm of possibility.  LSU played us earlier this decade after incurring 2 losses in their season.  So a loss to our bitter arch rival in early October does not necessarily knock us out of title contention.  Especially when both are ranked in the top ten.  At least it used to not. This year might be different. OU has been winning at a pretty good pace this year, knocking around their last opponent 62-6.  But has still dropped in the polls.  OU started pre-season number one.  Now sits at number three.  After going on the road in week two and beating a top ten team in Florida State and then following that up by beating another top twenty team, Missouri at home.  That’s two top twenties in three weeks, and gearing up to face another top ten in this Saturday’s Red River Rivalry.  Let’s do the math, that would be three top twenty teams in the first 5 games, including two top tens opponents. Throw in a quality win against a very good Tulsa team to open the season and that’s a pretty decent resume. Why are we being leap frogged in the polls? Cause we aren’t in the vaunted SEC? That’s what the pundits would have you believe by having both Alabama and LSU jump over us.  And I would be willing to buy some of that argument.  LSU opened the season beating Oregon, a top five team at the time at a neutral site to open the season. I wouldn’t have wanted to open the season with a top five team, but it sure would been damn fun to do so!!  Bama just beat Florida in the swamp, always a quality win.  So they do have some argument.  It will all play out in the end, that is my promise to OU fans.  Plus, if we survive Texas, Bama and LSU play each other the first of November, so they will probably knock one of themselves out.  But wait.. they are still SEC, so we still might get a raw deal.   So why don’t we want to just join that conference?

But i digress.

This was supposed to be about why this weekend matters more than others. Why is this game bigger?  Well.. it’s Texas.. duh!

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