Penn State

Let’s think about Sandusky in a normal world .

If it came to light to your boss, CEO, Owner of your company, that you were spotted having anal sex with a little boy in any part of the company property, what would happen? You would be fired and exiled on the spot, even if it wasn’t accurate. Just the rumor would get you canned. Or they would find a way to can you if their wasn’t evidence. Correct?

But what if it was a long time “friend”, a kid you brought into the company, you taught and mentored. And then it happens. I still say, forget that, you end ties immediately. Unless beyond a doubt that person DIDN’T do it. Just the rumor in your company(program) is not good. ESPECIALLY, when there are multiple reports. MULTIPLE. Think about that, multiple reports. Which JoePa HAD to know about. And the guy was still allowed on campus? With free reign to move about within the offices and facilities as he pleases?? You have to know if, IF?, No not IF you have to know IT WILL go bad at some point, you have to shun him. You have to distance yourself, from even just the allegations, which are many!

That is what I don’t understand. Why would JoePa, of such moral fortitude, supposedly, wouldn’t just ask the guy to stay away? Now that is not the correct thing either. I know he is being vilified for not doing more to turn in Sandusky, and rightfully so. But even if you stop there, and you are in the camp that he did what he was supposed to do, he moved it up the chain. Which is what by.. law, not sure if it is really law though, but he did what “he was supposed to do”, at a minimum. But he didn’t do enough. Just ask all those kids from 2002 and later.


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