It’s A Play-In, Not A Playoff

Major League Baseball is set to agree today to expand it’s playoffs starting as early as 2012.  They are going to add 2 teams, one from each league giving each league 5 teams.  But they aren’t going to add a playoff series, but instead a one game playoff game.  Is this what we want? I think so. How many times have there been one game to decide who gets in? How exciting have those games been? I always tune in. There is something about a one or done situation to get the competitive juices flowing. As a baseball fan I can’t wait for this. I love those end of the season games when they do happen, and now we are guaranteed of this situation every single year! Who wouldn’t like that?

Yankees celebrate their 2010 World Series

Now I know there are purist out there, and I have read some of them today, that claim this is just leading to more dismantling of the tradition of baseball.  And I understand their complaint to some degree. Baseball is the most tradition rich sport in existence. They claim that changes like interleague play, the AL DH, to name a couple are ruining baseball.  I am still not sold on interleague, but I do think it is somewhat good for the fans.. well some match ups. It’s always great to see Yanks – Mets in the regular season, or Red Sox- Reds, national rivalries. Or even regional ones like say Royals- Cardinals.  But other match ups, and there has to be others, you can’t just play the big name series’ with the most to gain, like Mariners- Marlins. Who cares to see that?  So you have to take the bad with the good. Like with everything in sports and life.

But I don’t see how you can lose with a winner take all one game playoff.  The excitement will be off the chart every year. And with that, I am IN.

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