Durant For MVP?

Why not? Why is he not getting more play? After winning MVP of the All-Star game I really thought this talk would heat up. Kevin Durant  is arguably the best scorer in the Association right now. Who else, besides maybe Kobe, would you want to have the ball in the final minutes. He has  what Skip Bayless calls clutch gene. Look at last night. The Thunder looked lethargic, slow, just going through the motions for three quarters. Then the final quarter arrives, the Thunder down 11 to start and before you know  it Durant single handily brought his team back scoring 18 points for a 105-102 win on the road. How can you argue with that? He repeatedly does that game in game out. The Thunder also have the best record in the league, although by a slim margin.

All-Star MVP Kevin Durant

I don’t see how they don’t cruise through the Western Conference in a head on collision with either the Miami Heat or Chicago Bulls in the finals. And my money would be on the Heat not the Bulls With the Heat imploding to the young Thunder again. And KD should be the front runner for MVP. You can argue for Lebron James, but he is surrounded by another super star in Dwayne Wade. Although Russell Westbrook is no bum. But he is not a top five player like Wade is. We will see how it plays out, but I think Durant will push people to talk about him more and more in the second half of this shortened season.


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Steven Pledger Big 12 Player Of The Week

Have you seen OU basketball this year? The kids are doing something special. Looks like the Lon Kruger hire was genius!

They are arguably the 3rd best team in the Big 12 this year, one year after being a bottom feeder of the league.  And Steven Pledger is proving to be a special player.  Named Big 12 player of the week after scoring 3o against Purple Kansas. It’s going to be interesting seeing how the rest of the season plays out and how we measure with top ten Kansas this week. But it’s nice to be proud of the basketball team once again.

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Sooner Report

Probably gonna be short tonight.  But hopefully will have something up tomorrow as well.

Gonna start with some OU Baseketball news again. Hiring Lon Kruger is generating lost of news. Here is another part of the OkNews series on the Sooners Basketball team.   (Doesn’t Trammel look like he needs a hair cut in the video?)

I don’t follow recruiting like many of you, but want to bring you the news. Is this kid a good fit? He doesn’t have the size of the past greats, Sammy B and Landry, but is supposed to have the dual threat ability.  Has that worked out for us?

photo - Reagan quarterback Trevor Knight takes off on a long touchdown run in the fourth quarter as Roosevelt plays Reagan at Heroes Stadium on Nov. 6, 2010.  Tom Reel/San Antonio Express-News

Please don’t search Google for Trevor Knight images like I did, you WILL NOT like what you come up with. Poor Kid.

I actually think that OU’s decision to only allow kids in for autographs on Sooner day is a great thing. Especially in this heat. Why do the kids and the players need to be exposed unnecessarily.  Now, if I can just round up about 15 12 years olds I will be set.

The Tulsa World’s John Klein’s take on the autograph policy.


There’s other news out there, but I think it’s all reruns.  I will try to continue to keep up with this.  Unless this garbage Laptop fails me again! But it seems good now!


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Sooners Report

Here are some links from this week. Only something like 57 days til we kick it off. Getting close!

Who are the key cogs for the Sooners offense?

Really James Hanna snubbed for the Mackey award?

Ranking the Big 12 Non Conference. Sooners have a brutal schedule.

Got some new faces in the secondary.  Are they getting comfortable?

Whitney and Landry sittin’ in a tree… this is becoming a TMZ like blog.  

Jamelle Fleming rejoins team. This is a huge deal!  

More about Fleming.

OU's Jamell Fleming (left), breaking up a pass during the 2010 Red-White game, was a first-team AP All-Big 12 performer that season. Tulsa World file

A little OU basketball news. 

Hell yeah we could use Rotnei Clarke!

OU’s own Dari Nowkhah gets a new gig.

Did the Big 12 sell it’s soul for television money?

OU is still the dominant program in the Big 12!

OU coach Bob Stoops joins his players on the podium after they beat Colorado to win the 2004 Big 12 Championship. The Sooners have won seven of the league's 15 football championships. Tulsa World file


Sherri Coale has been at OU 16 years? Dang time flies.


That’s all for now kids.  Will try to start posting more links soon.  I really want to create an OU only page.  That will come I promise.  As always, thanks for reading.


A New Love Lost

Really? Another work stoppage? Just when I thought the NFL was about to get over their money grubbing and bickering we will have to deal with a labor dispute in the NBA.  Now there was a time when I really wouldn’t have cared if there wasn’t an NBA season. I always felt the college game was better basketball. But not these days. It’s almost like I have discovered a new love. A new girlfriend.  All the good basketball is being played in the Association.  And it doesn’t hurt that I have a local vested interest now. And not just any team but one of the best teams  in the league with most of their stars under the age of 25.  A team that went to the conference finals, losing to the eventual NBA Champs.  A team that could very well make a run next year.  If there is a next year.

Now just like with the NFL lockout I am not going to follow the receipts, chase the money.  That would make my head spin too much.  I have a hard enough time with my own check book and it has far less zeros at the end.  But as ESPN’s Michael Wilbon talks about here, several, almost two thirds, are losing money. Huh? How can that be? What I find striking is that all the teams in the league, and I mean all, throw money, lots of money, at many mostly marginal players.  Jemele Hills article gives some examples here. Does that make sense? Now I understand supply and demand.  I understand if you don’t have talent that people want to pay to see it could be difficult. But at the cost of losing money? I need to stop here.  I have already opened pandoras box of money!  This could lead into so many arguments that I don’t want to get into.  I just want to watch my new love.  I just want to see my team play.  See them win a championship. Both sides are taking that away from me, and I don’t like it.

I was never afraid the NFL would miss games. There is way too much at stake for the world’s most popular sport (and I don’t care what you soccer fans think). And nobody in the NFL is losing money.  They are just disputing how to split more money than most small countries have.  But the NBA appears to be in poor shape.  It’s like I am seeing my new love without makeup for the first time.  And from what I read there is no way to resolve it before next November. I will be distracted by football well past then.  Come the first of 2012 though and I will be sad and lonely and will start looking around for something else. My new love.  The NBA.  And it will be no where to be found.

Jilted by new love.