SEC Or Another Route

I plan to try to write about this sometime this week. The debate is heating up, just as I was posting on, this Blog from Berry Trammel hit Twitter.

From those of you who are actually on campus, what IS your take? SEC or going the Pac-16 route?


Sooners Report 7-26 Plus Big 12 News

OU’s turn today at Big 12 Media Days.  Landry Jones says nothing but a National Championship will do.

Welp once again. I got one article from the Tulsa World before it is asking me to subscribe for a fee to access their content. I am about to give up on them.  Well, actually I have no choice. And I am attempting to drive traffic to their site but apparently that is of no matter.

Sounds like Bob Stoops is as giddy as I am with our Running Back depth.

A Q and A with Travis Lewis.

And David Ubbens video interview with Travis Lewis.

OU overwhelming favorite to win revamped Big 12.

Bob Stoops praising Landry’s leadership, from Berry Trammels blog.

Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops answers questions during NCAA college football Big 12 Media Days, Tuesday, July 26, 2011, in Dallas. (AP Photo/Matt Strasen)

And now that the NFL is gearing up (finally!) for some real football, here is a list of OU Sooners who are undrafted free agents.

And like it or not, OSU is a big deal now. Can they sustain it? That is still up in the air, but they have two incredibly gifted offensive players.  Here is a piece from yesterday on Brandon Wheeden and one on what Justin Blackmon thinks it would take for a receiver to win the Heisman.

And can the teams from the Big 12 North be excited about joining, and having to play all the Big 12 South teams every year? And more from welcoming the North teams to the South.

And more and more and more about the Longhorn Network. This from Dennis Dodd.   And another from Greg Doyle. 

And I am sorry, the more and more I read about Todd Monken, the new OSU OC, the more and more I think he will just be a puppet.

And a little piece from about FSU and their new QB.

Ha Ha and this cracks me up, Mike Leach tried to get press credentials for today’s events, the same day Texas Tech was to report, and was denied. Ahh the pirate.

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Sooners Report 7-25

With Big 12 media days happening right now this is going to be more of a Big 12 Report. But heavy on our local teams.

John Klein of the World thinks it’s time to pay players. I talked about that last week with my blog you can read here.

I have been wanting to write about all this uproar about the upcoming Longhorn Network. I really just am not sure what my opinion is of it.  Part of me thinks it is no big deal. Texas will be what Texas will be.  They try to do things big, then we come and one up them on the field.  So what’s all the fuss about? But then again I think it could be a huge advantage for them. But once again, OU will still out class them in the conference. Happens year after year.  I mean come on, they have 3 Big 12 titles in all! They are just like the rest of the conference, looking up to OU.  But as Dave Sittler writes here, it’s big news at the Big 12 Media Days.

Here is more from John Klein about how the North has fared in the past.

And Mack Brown thinks they should have just skipped last season.  Of course he does.

Welp, I had some more articles from the Tulsa World to bring you guys.  But seems I can’t view anymore without paying to subscribe. On to the Daily Oklahoman.

Questions that Bob Stoops must answer this week.

Speaking of Networks, Berry Trammel talks about a possible OU Network.

And again about Big 12 Media Days from Berry Trammel. 10 questions that need answers.

A little more Pokes news.  Ugh, what is my site coming to! OSU loaded with play makers.

And as long as we are going to the dark side, more Longhorn news. They say QB competition is wide open.  It better be cause Gilbert is not the answer.

And more on Texas’ QB situation from Trammel.

And one more from Trammel about the change of play calling in Stillwater.

We all know the Big 12 is on shaky ground. Here is a pretty good piece by Dennis Dodd 5 things the Big 12 needs.

I usually separate these columns for what seems interesting, but here is David Ubben’s blog from ESPN.  Lots of good stuff.

OU Basketball will learn it’s fate this week.  I had more info on this but it was from the Tulsa World, apparently I have to pay to drive traffic to their site.  Not gonna do that.

Good stuff today. Will have a bunch of stuff tomorrow I am sure as OU is scheduled.

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Sooners Report

The Walter Camp list finally came out.  Of course Broyles and Jones are on there.

Sooners are so loaded with depth. Most in the Stoops era. That is going to be scary.

Here is more looks at the depth chart with camp about to open up.

Really, we have already used NCAA 12 to have OU winning BCS Title?

More OU Baseketball news.  Lon Kruger is showing to be very popular.

Big 12 recruiting is starting to take shape for 2012.

This is an interesting piece by our friend David Ubben of ESPN on paying athletes.

Not OU, but thought this was an interesting read from  Berry Trammel. Which came first the chicken or the egg? 

Who has the best uni’s in the Big 12? Fox sports creates this list.

I wrote about cheating in college football a couple of weeks ago here, it is still a hot topic.

As always good, bad, either way, leave a  comment.

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Sooners Report

Gonna start trying to put this out almost daily.  I know a lot of these links have already been posted on other sites, but I want a simple  compulation of Sooner news that folks can turn to.  Eventually I want to put this on a side bar so it’s there all the time.

Mike Baldwin of the Daily Oklahoman asks, Alambama or Oklahoma. Who should be number 1.

Can John Blake be considered a program killer? I know he killed OU, and now is guilty of creating a huge mess at UNC.

A lot of great talent in the Big 12, look at this blog post by our friend David Ubben who does the Big 12 blog for the four letter network.

Guess who is missing from the Remington Award list!

Do you have to be a senior to be considered a veteran? Not in todays college footbal landscape where kids play so early.

Most impactful game in the Big 12? Ubben thinks it’s OU-OSU, I will tend to agree. Sorry shortwhorns.

A quick blog from Blatant Homerism.

A little OU Basketball news.

Coach Sampson didn’t get the head gig, but is still gonna be on the bench.

Austin Box Toxicology Report Out

And it is what we all feared.  The young man had five different pain killers in his system.  That is not pain managment, that is getting high.  But that is just my opinion.  I think Box was a very fine young Sooner and had his whole life, a very good life, ahead of him.  He had just obtained his college degree the weekend before, a huge accomplishment.  Was set to be the starting middle linebacker for the Sooners.  Life was good.  Taken away much to soon.  And for what reason? Was it really an attempt to mask physical pain? Or did it become an addiction which afflict soo many people in this country today.  Sad that we will never know.