Cowboys Not Messing Around

Now that the lockout is over, the Cowboys front office is not messing around, giving 4 players their walking papers today.  Of course, they are the usual suspects we have been talking about all summer. Roy  Williams, Marion Barber, Leanord Davis.  And kicker Kris Brown.  I will try to start  getting more NFL news out. Here is an article from The Dallas Morning News. 

And here are Roy Williams comments after being released. 

And here is several blogs on the Cowboys.

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Cowboys Report 7-25


Haven’t done this much lately, but with the lockout officially over thought I would throw some links out.

Garrett expected to run a tough camp this year. 

Jason Garrett Head coach Jason Garrett of the Dallas Cowboys works  with his team as they warm up prior to playing against the New York Giants on November 14, 2010 at the New Meadowlands Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

Speaking of Garret, this was an interesting piece I read the other day from Rex Ryan’s book about Jason Garrett.

5 Cowboys who shouldn’t be back this year.

More about who it on the bubble.

Lots of undrafted free agents, who are the ‘Boys targeting?

Now that the lockout is over can’t we concentrate on what matters? Cheerleaders!

Cowboys set to meet Wednesday and workout Thursday.

Let’s go camping! Here is a look at the schedule.


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Cowboys Report

Are we really reporting anything here at The Lockerrom right now? Not when it comes to the NFL, or the Cowboys. It’s all just filler.  I mean I could talk about the Lockout.  But I refuse. If you want to get into that there are plenty of arenas. But I will throw some links up at the end. Just cause I think it will be over soon.  Like in the next couple of weeks. Good thing too, cause training camps are set to open in less than 6 weeks.

Romo a break out fantasy star?

DeMarcus Ware pissed he is not number 1!

There hasn’t been much positive in regards to Dez Bryant this off-season.  Unless you count the countless run ins with the Paul Blarts of the world, but there is this about his injured ankle.

Roster Report from on Ratliff’s role next year.  One thing I know, his production needs to get back to 2009 levels.

T.O? Really, why are we talking about T.O? Why am I talking about T.O?  Cause he is funny I guess.  Wonder what he was really doing when he tore his ACL, and when did it really happen?

Lists, lists, and more lists! I love lists.  The Top Ten receiving targets of the Aikman era. 

And I said I would give ya some lockout news, so here is a couple of tidbits from today.  Goodell and NFLPA head meet with rookies., is this a good sign?

Here’s John Clayton’s mailbag from a couple of days ago, he always talks the labor issues.



Cowboys Report

Man, the season, even the thought of a season can not get here quick enough.  There is nothing but speculation and rumours floating around at this time.  But it is still football talk. So here we go, more Cowboys news.


Romo can not catch a break. Now he is being bashed by a former team mate.

Let’s post something positive about Romo. His 5 greatest games.

Are the ‘Boys really the favorite to land Nnamdi Asomugha? SI’s Peter King thinks so.

Roy Williams take on the lockouts effect on the team.

Ok Jerry, now it’s your turn.

Kinda short today. Not that there is stuff to write about, but short on time today. And want to post about the U.S. Open. Coming up next!

Cowboys Report

There is word that the lockout may end soon.  It would be a good thing. Training camps start in 6 weeks or so. Until then, there is still lots of news, and speculation out there.

6 reasons Garrett will only last one season.  Really, we are already running him off?

Is Tony Romo enough? This debate will never end until he wins a championship. But can he?

Is Dez Bryant going to get his old Cowboys in hot water? The kid is already starting to wear me out.

Did Dirk show Tony Romo how it’s done?  Let’s hope so!

You know I love lists.  The 10 best seasons in team history.


Cowboys Report

You can tell this lockout is taking it’s toll. It’s the weekend and I am just now getting to a Cowboys report.  There just isn’t much to talk about, but then again, it is the NFL so there is ALWAYS something to talk about. Soo here you with some news, links, jibberish.

Which Cowboys have the most to gain with the lockout?

Plaxico a Cowboy? I don’t think so. Why is this even news?

Should Barber be remembered better?

Why do all my Cowboys links have question marks?

Now here is something interesting. 20 biggest fueds in the NFL. Bet Jerrah and Jimmy make the list!

Mickey Spagnola‘s article.

Well kids that’s about it. Not much going on.