Laptop Is Possessed!

So I haven’t posted anything for a couple of weeks, ever since my laptop died again.

Has refused to power 0n.  Today, just for kicks, I hit the power button.  Completely powered on, no problems.  So if all goes well I will put out some content this week. It IS only 12 days til FOOTBALL STARTS!


Tweeting With Rick Reilly

I told you I love this guy. And his article on Andres Gonzales’ tweets to Tiger Wood had me LOLing. It also made think of how I use my Twitter account and the pseudo celebrities who refuse to Tweet me back! Except one, ESPN personality Bomani Jones actually answered a question I posed to him the other day. And I still have the proof!  It was as if I accomplished some great feat! I watch daily on OU Football player Tony Jefferson’s Twitter and his constant pleading to Justin Bieber to respond to him.  I might have to Tweet him and say, “TJ, don’t give up! It might happen for you one day!”  But he wouldn’t Tweet me back.

Major Goof Up

So ever done something so dumb that it alters your happiness and mood and general overall feeling of loving life?  I am not talking about monumental mistakes like choosing to date your ex girlfriends mom, or sending that text to your wife that was intended for your girlfriend. (Just an aside, neither of which I am guilty of) I am talking about just plain dumb ole boneheaded moves.  But a moment in time you can never get back and it greatly effects your whole purpose.   I am talking about setting a glass of sprite on the night stand where your laptop is currently sitting.  Yeah, you can guess the results kids.  In a mere matter of seconds I tipped said glass over and contents spill straight into keyboard. There really wasn’t much in the glass, but enough to do damage.   My beloved companion has still yet to revive herself. She has sparked a little.  The power light comes on and I think, this is it! She’s coming back to me, only for it to dim out in an instance. (This same metaphor could be used for my marriage and my wife, but I digress).  So kids,  my posts will be a little hard to accomplish for a while. But I’ll still keep trying to put out news for you to read when I can.  Until then have fun out there!