Bruce Feldman And The Power of Twitter

So those of us who are Twitter junkies like myself  probably were part of the #freebruce campaign last week after it was reported, erroneously or not, by Sports By Brooks.  ESPN took 24 hours to dispute the story, so a lot of people have speculated they were trying to cover up their actions, or fix them, one of the other. Brooks is holding by his story, and even to this day is trying to keep reporting ESPN’s malice towards Mr Feldman. But I think there is more to this story, and this is the best piece I have seen on it.  So read, both the Brooks site and the story and come to you own conclusions.




To Pay Or Not To Pay

To pay or not to pay, that is the question.  Seems there was an epic debate on the four letter network yesterday regarding whether men’s college football  and basketball players should be paid.  Just as there were several different articles on each side of this issue, I too am firmly on the fence.  Part of me is of the mind set that these kids are being paid already.  They are getting a very expensive education free of charge.   The majority, especially at AQ schools, live in virtual luxury.

They have tutors provided , medical staff, awesome room and board, and they probably eat better than most people on campus.  They are provided for, very well in fact. They seem far from impoverished athletes as Pat Forde discusses here.  So part of me sees no reason for any other benefits.   But I can’t get around the feeling that they do generate millions and millions of dollars for their schools. Shoot their whole conferences in many respects.  So why shouldn’t they get a piece of that pie?  Now I am not saying they should get paid like employees, they shouldn’t be getting rich as Michael Wilbon writes about here, they are still STUDENT-athletes, amatures and should remain as such.  But in some ways they are more like employees than other students.  They have overwhelming schedules to adhere to, and go to class.  In most cases they aren’t even allowed to have part time jobs.  Dang, when would they have the time? So wha’t wrong with giving them a stipend? A little monthly allowance?  Mainly because the can of worms would be opened.  Who gets the stipend?  For how much?  Does the 2nd team Lacrosse player who is also on schloraship get a payout as well? His sport, and hence his own athletic merits didn’t produce any revenue for his school.  But he is under the same rigors of competition on the field as well in the classroom. Has mostly the same obstacles in his day to day routine. Whew, all this jumping back and forth over the fence as me exhausted.  I don’t have the answers, shoot I am not even sure I remember the question.


(as always, agree, disagree, just comment!)

Duff McKagan’s ESPN Column

For those who aren’t aware, Duff McKagan of Guns N’ Roses and Velvet Revolver fame has been writing a weekly column for ESPN.  It is generally great stuff, although he does focus on his Seattle roots. But miraculously, he doesn’t blast our Thunder fan base. It’s a great read and want to pimp it to you guys. 

Austin Box Toxicology Report Out

And it is what we all feared.  The young man had five different pain killers in his system.  That is not pain managment, that is getting high.  But that is just my opinion.  I think Box was a very fine young Sooner and had his whole life, a very good life, ahead of him.  He had just obtained his college degree the weekend before, a huge accomplishment.  Was set to be the starting middle linebacker for the Sooners.  Life was good.  Taken away much to soon.  And for what reason? Was it really an attempt to mask physical pain? Or did it become an addiction which afflict soo many people in this country today.  Sad that we will never know.