Jeter’s DL Diary, Transformers, And What Makes A Movie Star

Why all three of those topics together? What can I say. I love this web site. I have pimped it many times in it’s short few weeks of existence. It is just a hodge podge of  great stuff, from sports to whiskey to music and movies and everything in between.  3 articles from the past two days I wanted to share.  Wonder what Derek Jeter is thinking on his 15 day Disabled List sentence? It’s not what you think, in fact it’s pretty entertaining.  And read why the new Transformer movie might actually be worth watching.  Really? Megan Fox is not in it again, I lost interest right there.  But this is telling why Michael Bay is soo great, it almost swayed me.  And finally Bill Simmons explains why Will Smith is the only real movie star in the world. Oh and Ryan Reynolds is going to be pissed! But it’s a great read.