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I wrote about what they would do to honor Austin Box a while back. I voted for a simple decal on the helmet. This is more than we should have expected. A very simple but impactful rememberance on the helmet, designed by one of our own. OUKingpen. Here is a reposting of his blog.

So Humbled. I’m you’re typical guy I think. Married with children, trying to make ends meet. I love college football. I love doing graphic and web design. So I combined those passions and created my online alter ego… King (last name) + pen (drawing tool) = Kingpen. Then add on I’m an alumnus of the University of Oklahoma (Class of 1995!), who loves him some Sooner Football, then my identity changes to OUKingpen. OK, too much back story. As every Sooner-lov … Read More

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Ryan and Landry On ESPN

Thought I would try to get all the links in one spot for everyone. VERY VERY impressed with our kids. They represented our state and University very very well.

Here’s the two on Sportscenter then on College Football Live. 


Not video but audio of them on the Van Pelt show but with guest host Doug Gottleib.  They talk about pay for play, which I found very interesting, plus I wrote about it here. 




Ivan Maisel on an ESPN Podcast with the boys.   Again talking about pay for play, I really like the ideas they present.

Chat wrap up from their stay.

They were supposedly on Sportsnation also, but for the life of me I can not find that on ESPN. So if anyone can help out add the link to a comment. Thanks!


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Sooners Report 7-29

Skipped yesterday, so I apologize to everyone. Been a little under the weather, maybe it’s this damn hell we are living in daily.  So here is some stories from the day.. or days since some will come from yesterday.

Herbstreit says we are the best team in the country. He actually is smart isn’t he?  Or just stating the obvious?

Why is Berry Trammel comparing OU’s schedule with Nebraskas?

Trammel again talking about Pay for Play. Which I wrote about earlier.

Once again, want to bring you Sooner news from the Tulsa World, but they won’t allow it without $14.99 a month. Maybe I should take up a pool.. naw.

Podcast by Ivan Maisel with our own Landry Jones and Ryan Broyles.

Kenny Stills is ranked number 22 by ESPN’s David Ubben in his top 25 Big 12 players.

Kenny Stills Wide receiver Kenny Stills of the Oklahoma Sooners celebrates a 23-20 win against the Nebraska Cornhuskers during the Big 12 Championship at Cowboys Stadium on December 4, 2010 in Arlington, Texas.

Speaking of Ubben, here is his run down of week one opponent Tulsa.

Landry a front runner for the Heisman.

“I’m going to pretend like we’re ranked last,” Travis Lewis said Tuesday at Big 12 Media Days. “You have to carry that kind of mentality. You can’t ever get complacent.”  Nice! I like it Travis! I want a huge chip on our shoulders! Here is the rest of the article.

A little left over from Media Days. 


That’s about it folks. Probably going to focus on the NFL and try to get out some original content over the weekend.  Will be back strong next week. Have a good weekend!


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Sooners Report 7-27

More news from Big 12 Media Days.

Demarco Murray is almost irreplaceable.  How will the Sooners do it?   With lots of great young talent. We don’t replace, we reload.

A bunch of Sooners went on the well talked about mission trip to Haiti this past spring, but it seemed to help Landry Jones the most. 

Here is video interview with All-American WR Ryan Broyles.

Ryan Broyles set to smash lots of records this year. 

Speaking of Broyles and Jones, they are headed to Bristol to hang out at four letter network to tape a bunch of interviews on Friday. We are getting lots of publicity this summer.  I love it! Let’s get boisterous about being the number one team in the country!

The shock of losing Austin Box is going to linger for a long time.  There was talk yesterday about what they were going to do this year to honor him.  Whether just wearing a number 12 decal or even having one player on defense wear his number 12 jersey once a game. I hope it’s just a low key decal.  What do you think?

We are expected to win a National Title this year. But can it replace the aura of the 2000 Title team? 

More video footage.  Bob Stoops talk about high expectations at OU. 

More predictions for the 2011 season for the Sooners.

Ex OC Kevin Wilson just picked up one helluva a recruiting coo, for his new school Indiana.

And day two from Big 12 Media Days is a wrap. 

Had a bunch of stuff I wanted to share, but it’s all from the Tulsa World and they want to charge me now $14.99 a month to access their content.  This stinks. Gonna have to start bugging folks up there about this.

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Sooners Report 7-26 Plus Big 12 News

OU’s turn today at Big 12 Media Days.  Landry Jones says nothing but a National Championship will do.

Welp once again. I got one article from the Tulsa World before it is asking me to subscribe for a fee to access their content. I am about to give up on them.  Well, actually I have no choice. And I am attempting to drive traffic to their site but apparently that is of no matter.

Sounds like Bob Stoops is as giddy as I am with our Running Back depth.

A Q and A with Travis Lewis.

And David Ubbens video interview with Travis Lewis.

OU overwhelming favorite to win revamped Big 12.

Bob Stoops praising Landry’s leadership, from Berry Trammels blog.

Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops answers questions during NCAA college football Big 12 Media Days, Tuesday, July 26, 2011, in Dallas. (AP Photo/Matt Strasen)

And now that the NFL is gearing up (finally!) for some real football, here is a list of OU Sooners who are undrafted free agents.

And like it or not, OSU is a big deal now. Can they sustain it? That is still up in the air, but they have two incredibly gifted offensive players.  Here is a piece from yesterday on Brandon Wheeden and one on what Justin Blackmon thinks it would take for a receiver to win the Heisman.

And can the teams from the Big 12 North be excited about joining, and having to play all the Big 12 South teams every year? And more from welcoming the North teams to the South.

And more and more and more about the Longhorn Network. This from Dennis Dodd.   And another from Greg Doyle. 

And I am sorry, the more and more I read about Todd Monken, the new OSU OC, the more and more I think he will just be a puppet.

And a little piece from about FSU and their new QB.

Ha Ha and this cracks me up, Mike Leach tried to get press credentials for today’s events, the same day Texas Tech was to report, and was denied. Ahh the pirate.

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Sooners Report 7-25

With Big 12 media days happening right now this is going to be more of a Big 12 Report. But heavy on our local teams.

John Klein of the World thinks it’s time to pay players. I talked about that last week with my blog you can read here.

I have been wanting to write about all this uproar about the upcoming Longhorn Network. I really just am not sure what my opinion is of it.  Part of me thinks it is no big deal. Texas will be what Texas will be.  They try to do things big, then we come and one up them on the field.  So what’s all the fuss about? But then again I think it could be a huge advantage for them. But once again, OU will still out class them in the conference. Happens year after year.  I mean come on, they have 3 Big 12 titles in all! They are just like the rest of the conference, looking up to OU.  But as Dave Sittler writes here, it’s big news at the Big 12 Media Days.

Here is more from John Klein about how the North has fared in the past.

And Mack Brown thinks they should have just skipped last season.  Of course he does.

Welp, I had some more articles from the Tulsa World to bring you guys.  But seems I can’t view anymore without paying to subscribe. On to the Daily Oklahoman.

Questions that Bob Stoops must answer this week.

Speaking of Networks, Berry Trammel talks about a possible OU Network.

And again about Big 12 Media Days from Berry Trammel. 10 questions that need answers.

A little more Pokes news.  Ugh, what is my site coming to! OSU loaded with play makers.

And as long as we are going to the dark side, more Longhorn news. They say QB competition is wide open.  It better be cause Gilbert is not the answer.

And more on Texas’ QB situation from Trammel.

And one more from Trammel about the change of play calling in Stillwater.

We all know the Big 12 is on shaky ground. Here is a pretty good piece by Dennis Dodd 5 things the Big 12 needs.

I usually separate these columns for what seems interesting, but here is David Ubben’s blog from ESPN.  Lots of good stuff.

OU Basketball will learn it’s fate this week.  I had more info on this but it was from the Tulsa World, apparently I have to pay to drive traffic to their site.  Not gonna do that.

Good stuff today. Will have a bunch of stuff tomorrow I am sure as OU is scheduled.

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