The Tale Of Two Number Ones

How many drafts in recent memory have had two legitimate number one franchise quarterbacks? None that I can recall. Maybe back when Peyton Manning came out and was up against Ryan Leaf. And we all know how that played out. Manning is still (arguably) in the midst of a Hall of Fame career, Leaf is somewhere between selling insurance and drug convictions.

So how will this class pan out? Is it Andrew Luck, or Robert Griffin III? Which would you choose? I have an opinion.  And it probably isn’t the status quo.  What would you do if you were the Colts, who happen to hold the rights to the number one pick in the 2012 upcoming draft.  They also have that guy I mentioned earlier, you know that Manning kid.  The guy who is a sure fire Hall of Famer right now.  But there in lies the rub. Manning’s health is questionable at best.  After having 4 neck surgeries in the past year, which caused him to miss the entire 2011 season is Manning ready to resume his all-star career? The debate is still in. So I ask again, what should the Colts do? There are numerous suitors if the Colts decide to part ways and go with youth, which most talking heads believe is the course they will take. And I agree. In this league, you go with youth, especially if you have two arguably can’t miss franchise QB’s ready to step in.

Robert Griffin III with the 2012 Heisman

So then the argument changes. Which one. Luck or RG3? Both have ability, that was proven on the national stage in the college game. But both have slightly different games. Although, I will argue not that different. Not that different at all. Some will say that Luck is the best pure pocket passer to come out of college since.. well since Manning. I would probably not disagree. He has tremendous presence in the pocket. Can read a defense like a veteran NFL QB right now. He is the most ready to play right away QB I might have ever seen.  A definite can’t miss prospect.  But RG3 is no slouch either. The difference is RG3 can break defensive backs ankles when he decides to take off from the pocket. Luck can not do that. Edge to RG3.  So the kid can run. That means he probably can’t stand in the pocket and pick apart those same DB’s. Wrong. Go watch some of the film. Repeatedly his Senior year he stood tall in the pocket and threw deep, medium, all over the yard. Checking off defenders, finding the open man. Throwing a beautiful ball.  And what pushed me over the edge was hearing him at the combine, being interviewed. The kid is smart, insightful, well spoken.  He will be a great addition to any team and especially to any city.  So I guess if I were the Colts, I would be picking RG3. But we all know, they are already going with the safe pick.  Some it’s safe, I don’t.  Well all I say is.. Good Luck.

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What’s On Your Menu For The Super Bowl?

I think I am going to try my hand at these along with my wings.


I have always wanted to make these, but have been chicken. But everyone I talked to last night seems game so I think I will use this recipe, with some added sausage.  Plus she is from Oklahoma!! What could go wrong?!!

I’ll post a Super Bowl rap on Monday or Tuesday!! Enjoy the game!!


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Steven Pledger Big 12 Player Of The Week

Have you seen OU basketball this year? The kids are doing something special. Looks like the Lon Kruger hire was genius!

They are arguably the 3rd best team in the Big 12 this year, one year after being a bottom feeder of the league.  And Steven Pledger is proving to be a special player.  Named Big 12 player of the week after scoring 3o against Purple Kansas. It’s going to be interesting seeing how the rest of the season plays out and how we measure with top ten Kansas this week. But it’s nice to be proud of the basketball team once again.

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Penn State

Let’s think about Sandusky in a normal world .

If it came to light to your boss, CEO, Owner of your company, that you were spotted having anal sex with a little boy in any part of the company property, what would happen? You would be fired and exiled on the spot, even if it wasn’t accurate. Just the rumor would get you canned. Or they would find a way to can you if their wasn’t evidence. Correct?

But what if it was a long time “friend”, a kid you brought into the company, you taught and mentored. And then it happens. I still say, forget that, you end ties immediately. Unless beyond a doubt that person DIDN’T do it. Just the rumor in your company(program) is not good. ESPECIALLY, when there are multiple reports. MULTIPLE. Think about that, multiple reports. Which JoePa HAD to know about. And the guy was still allowed on campus? With free reign to move about within the offices and facilities as he pleases?? You have to know if, IF?, No not IF you have to know IT WILL go bad at some point, you have to shun him. You have to distance yourself, from even just the allegations, which are many!

That is what I don’t understand. Why would JoePa, of such moral fortitude, supposedly, wouldn’t just ask the guy to stay away? Now that is not the correct thing either. I know he is being vilified for not doing more to turn in Sandusky, and rightfully so. But even if you stop there, and you are in the camp that he did what he was supposed to do, he moved it up the chain. Which is what by.. law, not sure if it is really law though, but he did what “he was supposed to do”, at a minimum. But he didn’t do enough. Just ask all those kids from 2002 and later.

Soo It’s Hate Week

Better known around here as OU-Texas week.  Always the biggest game of the year.. so far that is. There always should be bigger games. Those at the end of the year come to mind as being traditionally bigger, for both OU and the Longhorns from down south.  So that brings a question to ponder.  Why does this game matter more than say the Big 12 title game, or heaven forbid, the BCS National Championship game?  Because it comes first.  Naturally. Have to win this one to get to the next one. Correct? Not necessarily.


OU has lost this game twice in the past 10 years and still played for the conference title game.  Not so much for the BCS game. Although it technically is not out of the realm of possibility.  LSU played us earlier this decade after incurring 2 losses in their season.  So a loss to our bitter arch rival in early October does not necessarily knock us out of title contention.  Especially when both are ranked in the top ten.  At least it used to not. This year might be different. OU has been winning at a pretty good pace this year, knocking around their last opponent 62-6.  But has still dropped in the polls.  OU started pre-season number one.  Now sits at number three.  After going on the road in week two and beating a top ten team in Florida State and then following that up by beating another top twenty team, Missouri at home.  That’s two top twenties in three weeks, and gearing up to face another top ten in this Saturday’s Red River Rivalry.  Let’s do the math, that would be three top twenty teams in the first 5 games, including two top tens opponents. Throw in a quality win against a very good Tulsa team to open the season and that’s a pretty decent resume. Why are we being leap frogged in the polls? Cause we aren’t in the vaunted SEC? That’s what the pundits would have you believe by having both Alabama and LSU jump over us.  And I would be willing to buy some of that argument.  LSU opened the season beating Oregon, a top five team at the time at a neutral site to open the season. I wouldn’t have wanted to open the season with a top five team, but it sure would been damn fun to do so!!  Bama just beat Florida in the swamp, always a quality win.  So they do have some argument.  It will all play out in the end, that is my promise to OU fans.  Plus, if we survive Texas, Bama and LSU play each other the first of November, so they will probably knock one of themselves out.  But wait.. they are still SEC, so we still might get a raw deal.   So why don’t we want to just join that conference?

But i digress.

This was supposed to be about why this weekend matters more than others. Why is this game bigger?  Well.. it’s Texas.. duh!

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