Jeter A No Show?

I know he wasn’t the only one, this All-Star game could be called the No Show game with all the replacements that took place this year. I mean there were 86 All-Stars! 86! 45 for the American League alone. I suck at math, but that seems like a lot.  So you get picked as an All-Star and you can just choose not to show? And the players are supposed to care about the fans? Come on.  I haven’t said much about this in a few days, I felt like I bashed Derek Jeter enough last week, then he goes out and has a game for the ages while racking up his 3,000th hit, and then some.  But he WAS healthy enough to play all weekend.  I mean, after just coming off the disabled list for a strained calf then playing in 7 straight games, nobody would blame him for wanting to use that time to rest. Which is what he did.  But he couldn’t come and tip his hat to the fans? He would have gotten an ovation of a lifetime.  And I am sure those fans in Phoenix would have loved to at least see the newest member of the 3,000 hit club.  And when these players decide not to show, why do they get replaced?  Bill Simmons of had a great tweet earlier today.

@sportsguy33 Wrote My MLB All-Star Game idea: We name the rosters… those are the rosters. That’s it. Anyone who bows out screws their league over.

What a great idea! This would be an awesome fix. Let’s hold players accountable to the fans.  I mean, don’t they pick up some extra fundage for just being named to the team? Is that first announcements, or replacements? If they are getting paid, shouldn’t they show up? Instead it was just a game of no shows.


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All-Star Introductions

It has to just suck to have the All-Star game at your place and the only two players introduced the majority of people have no clue who they are. And those were just the reserves.  There is no ONE in the starting lineup.


Yankees Report

This list is probably going to sound a little off base, considering that the next post after this one I contradict this greatly.  Here I will post a bunch of links showing how one Derek Jeter is the greatest baseball player since Babe Ruth.  Then in a bit I will post a blog where, well I basically rip him and tell you why he is undeserving to not only not start the All-Star game next week, but shouldn’t be in it at all.


So let’s get to it!

So the Captain is truly having a sub par year. But here are reasons not to forget how great he truly was.  (is?)

He is only 4 hits away. Joe Girardi wanted to give him the day off, but someone how he is back in the lineup.

Here’s a great Jason Stark article on where The Captain has been and where he is going.

Are strikeouts taking over baseball?  Here is a great debate.

Here is some mid season grades from NYY Universe, always a great blog! And it’s not a list, but the next best thing!