In Honor Of Opening Day

I was gonna post the Yankees Orioles brawl from 1996. But apparently it’s already been pulled due to infringement rights.


But it is opening day.. at least for us Yankee fans!! Let’s go for 28!!

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Capturing Jeter’s Moment

Wow, my DVR is going to get some action this weekend. With Derek Jeter just 3 hits away from 3,000 I will be recording all the games from here on out until he reaches this great milestone. 28 Big Leaguers before him have hit 3,000, but he will be the first Yankee. So I’ll be recording it.  I don’t normally record anything but football as I talked about in a column here, but this is gonna be a big deal.  Just imagine all the greats who have worn the pin stripes . Mantle, Gehrig, Ruth, DiMaggio. None have 3,000 hits.  So when Jeter, the Captain, gets it, it’s gonna be special. And I am going to capture it.

Yankees Report

This list is probably going to sound a little off base, considering that the next post after this one I contradict this greatly.  Here I will post a bunch of links showing how one Derek Jeter is the greatest baseball player since Babe Ruth.  Then in a bit I will post a blog where, well I basically rip him and tell you why he is undeserving to not only not start the All-Star game next week, but shouldn’t be in it at all.


So let’s get to it!

So the Captain is truly having a sub par year. But here are reasons not to forget how great he truly was.  (is?)

He is only 4 hits away. Joe Girardi wanted to give him the day off, but someone how he is back in the lineup.

Here’s a great Jason Stark article on where The Captain has been and where he is going.

Are strikeouts taking over baseball?  Here is a great debate.

Here is some mid season grades from NYY Universe, always a great blog! And it’s not a list, but the next best thing!